2013 – Car Of The Year in Europe

In competition was 32 models and 58 journalists from 22 countries has decided, in raport with: price, safety, level of quality, design and level of poluation, that Volkswagen Golf 7 to be” The Car Of The Year”. This title, in 2013 was the 3 rd for VW durring 49 years of competition. First time was back in to 1992 with VW Golf 3 and after that was VW Polo in 2010. Allso VW Golf was the best sold car in Europe.


This kind of competition also have a big impact when we want to speak about each car model who was “On the Stage”. Beside that all Car Lovers wants tu have The Best, Fast and why not? Furios car in the world but finally, we dont have money to buy a DREAM don’t we?
Now I will show you the final score of the last 8 finalist of the competition:

1.Volkswagen Golf: 414 points
2.Toyota GT86 / Subaru BRZ: 202 points
3.Volvo V40: 189 points
4.Ford B-Max: 148 points
5.Mercedes-Benz A-Class: 138 points
6.Renault Clio: 128 points
7.Peugeot 208: 120 points
8.Hyundai i30: 111 points