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Amazing 7 Tech Innovations by Audi

Audi has revealed details of 7 new designs being explored by its designers and even designers most notably electromobility, ultra-lightweight construction, networked mobility not to mention light development.

Audi A7 front view

Autonomous parking

Audi is also developing a fully autonomous parking program whereby the actual driver would be able to leave the automobile immediately after which, utilizing a mobile, be able with instruct the vehicle to maneuver back into a bay utilizing a combination of sensors along with a route map offered by the garage’s central computer systems.

Lightweight construction

Audi has typically used aluminum to minimize the car weight by as a lot as 40 percent compared on to a standard metal chassis. Nevertheless along with ever a lot more pressure to improve efficiency, it is planning to utilize a mixture of aluminum, metal not to mention carbon fiber reinforced plastic (CFRP) components with minimize weight plus increasing strength. This particular consists of a fiberglass protected plastic (FRP) suspension spring, which is around 40 percent lighter and stronger.


Audi definitely will introduce a revised version of its Audi Touchpad – primarily fitted to the A8 – incorporated into the MMI knob of the 2013 A3, as you reported from CES. Unfortunately the particular next generation is going to ability multitouch, like to that found about smartphones and in addition pills that includes haptic suggestions and even pinch with focus along with the particular existing handwriting recognition ability. This will be partnered alongside unique head-up showcases, voice controls as well as gestures, which have been aimed at reducing driver distraction while improving control.

Lighting shape

The team within charge of lighting shape – a great region within that the particular organization is the actual current leader with regard to terms of LED daytime running lights plus headlights – and in addition next up they have planned on introducing OLED technologies (Natural Light Emitting Diode) to be able to its vehicle range. Just a very few nanometers heavy, this paste-like material covers the room between the anode and additionally cathode, both of which are enveloped with regard to a particular electrically conductive covering.

The actual result is actually a lighting answer that is applies to the automobile such as a vinyl graphical – spilling out within the conventional boundaries associated with the lamp cluster.

Wireless charging

Dubbed Audi Wi-fi Charging, the particular technological ended up being developed along with the particular WiTricity Corporation, with all the American company providing the actual coil systems that are integrated back into the floor plates, while the secondary coil typically is located of the underside of the vehicle.

Predictive suspension

Audi plans about utilizing a similar program to be able to Mercedes-Benz’s that will change damper rates by applying cameras which scan the actual 20 meters of road forward of the auto. A stereo camera, installed ahead of the particular rearview mirror, is joined by Photo-Mixed Detectors (PMD) that rely about both radar plus laser techniques.