BMW M4 DTM ready to start German Touring Car Championship

BMW M4 DTM ready to start German Touring Car Championship

BMW M4 DTM is ready to start German Touring Car Championship, with its powerful engine and aerodynamic look. Submission of documents required for the approval aerodynamic models DTM 2014 Deutsche Motor Sport Bund (DMSB) marks the end of a busy and interesting period for both BMW Motorsport.

BMW M4 DTM ready to start German Touring Car Championship
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Development Activity DTM BMW M4 model that will compete in this season of DTM, was held to a maximum in the last weeks and months. From this point, no changes can be done on the fundamental aspects of the machine, which predicts the preparation phase before the start of the season at Hockenheim (Germany) on May 4. In the following tests, focus will be mainly on optimizing the details of the overall package and understanding how you can maximize the potential BMW M4 DTM.

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BMW M4 DTM Specifications:

  • Chassis: Carbon fiber monocoque with integrated safety cell and steel, carbon fiber elements for impact protection front, side and rear.
  • Length / width / height: 4.775 mm/1.950 mm / approx. 1,200 mm
  • Fuel tank capacity: 120 liters
  • Engine: aspirated V8 with cylinder 90 °, four valves per cylinder, two 28.0 mm restrictors (in accordance with the Rules)
  • Capacity: 4,000 cc
  • Power: approx. 480 HP (with air restrictors in accordance with the Rules)
  • Maximum torque approx. 500 Nm
  • Engine management system: engine control unit Bosch MS 5.1 central display
  • Transmission: six-speed sequential gearbox, operated by pneumatic valves on the steering wheel, ZF Sachs clutch carbon fiber with four discs, adjustable multidisc differential with limited slip
  • The front axle / rear axle: Front double control arm push rods and adjustable dampers with six settings, H & R coil springs
  • Brakes: hydraulic dual-circuit brakes, alloy monobloc callipers, inside ventilated disc brakes front and rear brake force distribution can be adjusted by management; solenoid starter
  • Wheels: forged aluminum wheels, 18 “x 12” front, 18 “x 13” rear
  • Tires: Hankook, face: 300-680-18, back: 320-710-18.