Ferrari Enzo

Ferrari Enzo replacement at 2013 Detroit Auto Show

The Ferrari chairman told Automobile News Europe about the sidelines associated with the Geneva Auto Demonstrate they like to surprise persons certainly not just inside terms of price however, also with all the car. The particular firm has however to determine whenever to unveil the actual hot model with the public.

Ferrari Enzo

A Ferrari spokesperson revealed which they are considering unveiling the actual brand new model with regard to January 2013 at the Detroit Car Demonstrate or simply within March 2013 at the particular upcoming Geneva Auto Show.The hot model can not an longer carry the actual Enzo name, due to the fact the Enzo model became a limited-edition model.

The actual Ferrari Enzo, nevertheless, is the company s quickest and in addition most effective road car ever, exceeding the actual newly unveiled F12 Berlinetta. The actual brand-new EUR271,000 F12 Berlinetta delivers about 740 hp, somewhat reduce than Formula Specific cars, whose outputs tend to be estimated to be between 740 hp and even 750 hp. Montezemolo compared the particular hot model in order to the actual F1 vehicles, claiming which the business typically is giving out F1 electric power throughout a road vehicle. The particular fresh model might be built with a carbon dietary fiber body, and even may be powered with a usually aspirated V-12.

The actual business has however in order to decide the number of units for the model they may produce. When you consider history, Ferrari built 399 Enzos from 2002-2011, and 349 units for the F50, Enzo’s predecessor, from 1995-2001.

Montezemolo predictions which Ferrari can article sales of over 7,000 supercars with regard to 2012, however, did not specify whether or not the business might surpass its record in 2011, when it sold seven,195 units.

The particular organization posted a 3-percent jump in trading profit in order to 312 billion euros throughout 2011. The particular Ferrari chairman equally forecasted the actual organization can better its income figures with regard to 2012 not to mention years to come.