How to Squeeze the Last Bits of Fun Out of the End of Summer

Summer is the best season and everyone knows it. Yet, once a year, it ends, and we actually let it go away and come back another day. So when that is coming up, we all get a feeling of desperation as we realize that the summer is about to end and we have nothing to do but let it, since we can’t very well stop the revolution of the earth around the sun. You can either make a big deal about it and cry yourself to sleep or make multiple self woe facebook posts, or you can do something about it and squeeze the last bits of life out of the summer. Here are some things you need to do in order to grab life by the cajones and make sure that as the summer fades, you do not, and instead, you live a life like the one you want to live. Do these things.

Last Minute Vacation


You can either just wait for the days to darken and fade into pain, or you can take a great vacation to somewhere cool, like Hawaii, or the Napa Valley, or anywhere that will provide some excitement to your life, the kind of excitement you use to get yourself through the doldrums of the early winter. We understand that there’s no way for the joy to last through the entire winter – nothing can beat the February and March blues, but you can at least get through the time to the holidays. You can find some cheap flights to places like Hawaii and there are resorts there that won’t set you back too much. Vacations are a great way to pass the time with joy.

Get A New Car


So you’re feeling down because the days are shortening? Get a new car, you will not regret having a new set of wheels in order to meet the Autumn. You can go drive to the apple orchard or the pumpkin picking patch in style (just make sure you put a blanket down to protect your new trunk from the juices from those fruits and the gourds). But if you want a new car, check out the awesome cars at and you’ll be amazed at the kind of sweet ride you can get for cheap. You’ll be riding in style and forgetting about those end-of-summer blues. Start pricing out the cars at

Eat More Tacos


Nothing says contentment like eating tacos. There’s something about little batches of delicious meat on tortillas with cilantro and hot sauce that makes you feel happy to be alive. And you’re not wrong nor are you crazy. There’s nothing that can’t be fixed with a delicious taco (or three). Three is a good number of tacos. Not so much that you are too full to move, but you are not immediately hungry. Particularly if you have some good guacamole or salsa on those tacos. You’ll be meeting the Autumn in style.

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