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Making the Most Of Your Big Show At Your Local Venue

When you’re in a band you dream of having that big show that everyone in town is coming to you try to imagine it day in and day out every time you have band practice.  You all fantasize about the glory of having this amazing show and all the glory that will no doubt follow for you and yours after you have this amazing time.  And you can’t stop thinking about it.  And then finally you get the show and you’re opening for a big national band that’s touring through.  This could be your big break!  So what are you waiting for? Now’s the time to really make sure that you make the most of it.  There’s some things you can do to really make it the dream experience that you were hoping for.  Listen up.

Arrive As a Band

 The worst thing you can do as a small band is drive a bunch of separate cars and all worry about parking, arrive separately and looking like a thrown together group of friends who don’t know what to do with a rock and roll experience. So what you have to do is get a van, and most likely none of you have one, so get to avon santa monica and rent a band van. Then you can all meet at the practice space or one of your houses and park there then load in the van like a real rock and roll band. You can rent one for cheap at and it’ll be worth the cost for the aesthetic of all showing up together and acting like a real band.

Dress Like a Band


Ever see a band where one of the guys is in cargo shorts? There’s literally no greater death sentence to a band than one of the members in cargo shorts. You can’t have that. So when it’s time to plant he wardrobe, you have to make sure you all look cool and look like a band. It’s amazing what a little rock and roll will do. If you have a member of the band who doesn’t want any part of that, remind them that Pete Best also did not want to buy into the dressing similar thing, but Ringo Starr did. Which drummer does time remember? Exactly. You think the Beatles were silly? They seem to have built a pretty good career for themselves.



Then of course you need cool merch, like t-shirts and CD’s of course and beer koozies. If you don’t have merch, you won’t only just look like an amateur band, you won’t have anything for the people to buy so you won’t make any money. Obviously making money is the end all be all, but it sure beats making no money. One of the things that breaks up a band almost as badly as creative differences is when the band doesn’t make any money. That’s not cool.

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