Marine Trailers

One of the most important aspects of choosing a marine trailer is ensuring that you choose the most appropriate size. However, there are various factors to consider and you should remember that not all trailers are equal. While one may prove perfectly suitable for your current requirements, this may not be the case with a different trailer. Do consider the length and weight of your boat as well as any special requirements you might have when determining what trailer is best for your needs.

Every trailer will include a maximum boat weight that it can handle. Exceeding this will place unnecessary stress on the trailer and may cause irreversible damage. You will also need to ensure that you keep up regular and thorough maintenance of the trailer to be certain that you get the longest and best life out of it as possible.

Marine Trailers

All trailers have a maximum weight stamped on them and this weight includes both the unladed trailer weight and the weight of the boat being towed. Whether you buy a Dinghy transporter or you require something larger and more substantial you will find that this maximum weight allowance is stamped on the trailer itself allowing you to carefully and closely manage the size of the boat and whether you have the right size of trailer.

Most trailers will also have an ideal length and the vehicle that you use to tow the trailer and boat will have a suitable towing weight. Some smaller cars may not have the capacity to pull a large boat and you should bear in mind that if you took your driving test after 1997 then you will need to take an additional test to show that you are capable and able to safely drive and tow a trailer weighing more than 750kg.

There are many sizes and styles of Indespension marine trailers. The Coaster range is a versatile range of marine trailers with a number of options including braked or un-braked models and a range of weight and length capacities to ensure that whatever model and size of boat you are looking to tow, you can benefit with one of the Coaster range of Indespension trailers.