Range Rover named the UK’s most unreliable used car

Car warranty provider Warrantywise has named the UK’s ten most unreliable cars, with the last-generation Range Rover ranking last due to the SUV’s high repair frequency and high repair costs.

Warrantywise, which is also one of The Car Expert’s commercial partners, collected the data from 131,000 policyholders on vehicles up to ten years old – excluding very low volume models.

The data is then used to generate a reliability score for each car, and the cars are then ranked in the Warrantywise reliability index. Ranking these scores highlights what the company describes as the “problematic nature of luxury cars”, despite their high price tags.

As expensive models from the likes of Land Rover, Porsche, Bentley, BMW and Audi pear in the report’s ten-car unreliability list, Warrantywise CEO Lawrence Whittaker says that the general misconception that the more you pay, the more reliable the car will be, should be questioned by UK buyers.

“The opinion that they should be very reliable, for the price that customers pay for them, is quite a popular one, and this evaluation of our data is helpful for us to guide customers the right way when wanting to make a large purchase on a luxury car, like a Porsche.”

The ten most unreliable cars on UK roads

model Highest repair cost reliability score
Range Rover £23,890 20
BMW M3 £12,115 21
Range Rover Sport £22,358 23
Porsche Panamera £10,785 23
BMW X6 £9,613 24
Porsche Cayenne £6,360 25
Audi Q7 £8,719 26
Bentley Continental GT £6,227 29
Mazda CX-5 £5,777 30
BMW M5 £10,129 31

Source: Warrantywise

The report includes the highest repair fee that Warrantywise has paid out to policyholders that drive these cars, as well as a reliability score that is generated by the frequency of repair claims and how expensive these claims usually are.

Inevitably, as the data goes back up to ten years, some of the model names above may cross generations as all ten of the cars listed above had model changes within the last decade. However, Warrantywise was unequivocal that the wooden spoon specifically goes to the last-generation Range Rover.

Long known for potential reliability issues, it’s no surprise to see two Land Rover models pear in the list’s top three (or bottom three, depending on which way you look at it). This correlates with other reliability surveys and reports conducted over the years, as well as The Car Expert’s own data provided for our Expert Rating Index by MotorEasy.

Nine of the ten worst cars in Warrantywise’s index come from ‘premium’ brands, with three BMWs, two Land Rovers, two Porsches, a Bentley and an Audi. Only the Mazda CX-5 can really be considered as a car from a ‘mainstream’ car company.

Additional reporting by Stuart Masson

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